Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mystery Quilt Part 3 - Grand Illusions Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter

I made sure to get all caught up and finish this weeks clue on time.  It is so hard to catch up when you get behind on anything.  For some it may not matter, it will end up as another UFO and they will finish some day.  For me, it is very important that doesn't happen.  I don't like hanging projects that make me feel bad because I haven't finished them.  So for me, it is to be finished on time.  ;)

Now this weeks clue went together easily but I have no clue as to where this will fit in with the other blocks we've made.  Can't wait to see how other do their version of the layout on the LinkUp.  It is fun trying to guess where we are headed. 
Unfortunately I didn't have a correct AccuQuilt die to cut these strips with my cutter so I had to rotary cut them.  Boy was that a drummer.  I have the individual square this size but no way did I want to do that method when strips are so much faster.  I would say I'm spoiled.  One thing that I do is if I don't have a specific die that I need, I go ahead with my project (or at least part of it) and make sure to order that die.  I just build my library slowly but make sure that next time I need it, it's there.  Yes, even though I'm a retailer, I don't have them all in my personal stash or my inventory.  I have to watch dollars just like everyone else.  
Here are all the units stacked on their little baking tray that I love to use.

You can still start the Mystery Quilt if you're interested.  Just to go Bonnie's site for all the clues.

As always, if you are interested in learning more about AccuQuilt GO! Fabic Cutters or growing your library, please contact us.  We have very reasonable prices and GREAT customer service.  


  1. Beautiful greens! ('Lush' comes to my mind but since I am not a native speaker I am not sure if it is a good and appropriate term to describe colours)- however- seeing your greens I almost wish I hadn't kicked out green of my colour palette.

  2. Looking good. Are you scratching your head about how this will come together?

  3. Your units all look beautiful together!