Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mystery Quilt Part 2 - Grand Illusions by Bonnie Hunter

I'm running a little behind on this weeks clue. My normal practice is to finish the clue in the first day or two of it being released. My husband asked me to go to the hunting club with him last weekend and of course I said yes. As you know I also quilt for the public and I am in full-blown Christmas mode. Not complaining about either one of those because I am so blessed just sharing why I am behind.

This weeks clue was a lot of fun and easy.  I'm probably not even halfway through but should finish up today or tomorrow.

This picture shows the two units something together. Look at those beautiful point and how they line up.

And this picture shows my whole tray of work in progress for this weeks clue. (Plus a few leftovers from last weeks clue.  Might make the quilt bigger later so I am keeping them close by just in case.)

If you have never done a mystery quilt you should really give it a try. It is a lot of fun and Bonnie always introduces you to the new techniques to try. It's a great learning experience and stretches you out of your comfort zone.  Plus you end with a beautiful quilt.  BONNIE HUNTER GRAND ILLUSION

Of course you know I am an Accuquilt dealer so therefore I am an Accuquilt fan.  I haven't done a project in years that I have used my AccuQuilt GO! for at least part of the cutting and this is no exception.  :)  In this clue I was able to use a rectangle die and a half square triangle die to get the exact size pieces I needed. AccuQuilt cutters and dies are a huge time saver and allows you to spend your time doing what you enjoy which is piecing and quilting.

Happy quilting!


  1. looks good, my intersections in the middle didn't line up all the time- oops- oh well, I'll fudge it.... used the Go for clue#1, but didn't have any dies to fit this one

    1. The value die would work for the triangles or squares on this clue if you don't have the full size of those shapes. My friend is using the squares and cutting the rectangles. I used half-square triangles with the rectangle die. I still have to cut the corner off the rectangle but it is better than cutting it all by hand. :) I will take any advantage I can get to save time.
      Try using the value die if you haven't already cut them all.