Saturday, December 20, 2014

Part 4 - Grand Illusions Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter

It is all coming together beautifully but I still have no idea of where we are headed.  I guess that is the whole point of a mystery quilt. :)

Having AccuQuilts GO! Cutter has really allowed me to stay on track even though my work and customer quilt schedule has been hectic.  

The 2-1/2" square die will cut 54 squares with each pass and the 2-1/2" half square triangle will cut 72 triangles in each pass.  Plus, to make it easier, if you run the half swuare triangles through the cutter with right sides of fabric facing, you can take it straight from the die to the machine and not have to fumble through stacks. I know, that's awesome isn't it.

Anyway, on to this weeks clue.
Here are the units to this weeks block.  The link and Aqua were assembled with clue 1 so that made this quicker also.  A little planning goes a long way.

This is the pile behind my machine as I am piecing these together.  Sure doesn't look awesome yet. :)
And here is this weeks clue all finished and pressed.

Now back to customer quilts!  So let's GO! quilting.

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  1. Great job!. I too am anxiously awaiting the big reveal to see how it will all come together. Whatever the design, it will be amazing!