Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baptist Fan Baby Quilt

Haven't posted in a while... Just any believe how busy I've web lately. Love every minute of it though.

Last week on one of the yahoo group I belong to, there was a big discussion on Baptist Fan quilting patterns. I want to use that pattern on my Jacobs Ladder quilt when I get it complete so thought I would give it a try on a baby quilt I was making.
Give it a look... I made a few mistakes, starting with using an odd number of rulers so I had to back track a lot more than I should have. For the most part I think it turned out very pretty. :). Not sure I want to tackle it on my California King Jacobs Ladder but we'll see.
Also quilted one of the three tops I have for Quilts Beyond Borders. Excited to get to the other two.