Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jacob's Ladder Complete and On The Bed

Well, after two years, my Jacobs Ladder quilt is complete. 
You just done know how excited I am to have this finished and on our bed.  It was a pattern that I fell in love with but got so busy with customer quilts that it just didn't make it to the priority list.  
I have thought of re-writing the pattern to make it GO! friendly.  We'll see how that works out. 
I also wanted to share the label.
It is so important to add labels to our quilts.  That way future generations or future owners will know it's history.  I first read about this method on Bonnie Hunters blog.  (  This method offered a beautiful smooth finish and I just started in the upper left hand corner of the label, stitched down the open "pocket" and continued with my binding. I have made a few without labels and want to go back and put labels on them.

Hope you have been as productive as I have these past few days.  :)

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