Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Current Project List

Another Quilter's blog keeps a project list and thought that was a great idea. This can be my to-do list, wish list and a "look what I've accomplished" list, all in one. Instead of posted it on each message, I will just post as it changed.
It's nice being able to see the results.
My Quilting To Do List:

Work in progress list for 2012
-Love Letter Block of the Month (six blocks complete, material for six more received)
-Help Tre with his quilt - Fabric bought, cutting and block sewing started
-Jacob's Ladder quilt for our bed (Top complete)
-Crazy Scrap quilt (made by just sewing random scraps together)
-Granny Blacks quilt - top done and ready to quilt
-Block Scrap Quilt - top done and ready to quilt
-Tulip Bed Runner - QW Feb12
-Make two charity quilts in 2012 (Quilting tops from Quilts Beyond Borders) - currently have three tops to quilt. Two is finished.
-At least 2 quilts made should be my own design
-Learn about different threads (watched TNT as a start)
-Learn about different batting
-Baby quilt and burp cloths for Olivia
-Gracie's new quilt - QW Apr 11-pg32
- BOM (fabric and direction for four months)
-Quilt of Valor for Tim - LOQ Mar/Apr 2012, pg 66
-Double Wedding Ring for the lake castle (fabric purchased, cutting started)

Get proficient on the long arm machine - SewCalGal FMQ challenge should help with this.

Completed items for 2012
Baby quilt for Jackson (Jill and Robbie) - DONE!!!!
Baby quilt for Paige- DONE!!!!
Customer Quilts T-shirt for Teresa - quilting only - DONE!!!!
Frankie's Air Force quilt - DONE!!!!
Baby quilt and burp cloths for Hunter - DONE!!!!
Wall hanging for my office - DONE!!!!
Customer quilt for Charlotte Morris - Denim quilt top made by customer - DONE!!!!
Customer Quilts for Sherry (2 - t-shirt quilt) - DONE!!!!
Baby quilt for Justin (girl) - DONE!!!!
Alabama donation quilt (top made by Audrey and Kitty) - DONE!!!!
Customer quilt for Charlotte Morris (on frame, quilting started) - DONE!!!!
Customer baby quilt for Heather (quilting only) - DONE!!!!
Customer baby quilt for Kitty - LullaBelle (quilting only) - DONE!!!!
Customer baby quilt for Janelle (quilting only) - DONE!!!
Baby quilt for Michelle and Calvin - DONE!!!!
Customer baby quilt for Kitty - Ducks (quilting only) - DONE!!!
Make new Velcro leaders for quilting frame (fabric purchased) - DONE!!!
Cheyenne's t-shirt quilt for graduation - DONE!!!
Laura's quilt for graduation - DONE!!!

I made a dress!!!! Can't believe it!

Well, if you knew of my previous experience in sewing clothes, you would totally understand why this is such a great accomplishment! I'll give you a few examples.
-I volunteered to make choir robes for my aunts children's church. The firs one has the left arm where it was suppose to be, however, the right arm was coming out the back.
-I tried to make me a dress. The sleeve was so small that I couldn't even get my hand in it.
:). Yep! I'm serious!

Anyway, this little pillowcase dress is for my little granddaughter, Gracie. I think it is adorable and can't wait to see her wearing it with her little boots. I'll post a picture when she does.

I think I may make her a few more of them but then stick to quilting which I love. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

T-Shirt Quilts Finished

Finished up the two t-shirt quilts that are for some very special young ladies as graduation gifts.
It's so funny that as I'm quilting I always think it isn't going to look good. Then when I finish, I always say, oh this one is my favorite. :). Yes each and every one are my favorites. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

T-Shirt Quilts - One on the frame...

I am suppose to have two t-shirt quilts done by Saturday (as gifts) and the first one is on the frame. I love making these because it turns all there memories into something they can cherish and use for years to come. They are not as hard as I had thought. Actually, with the right stabilizer they are pretty simple. I use Pellon Featherweight.
Well, gotta go to work.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why I Quilt...

I would like to share a little story that gave me the freedom to start quilting.

I was in town one day and ran into a couple ladies from a local guild. I started telling them about how my great-grandmother taught me to quilt. The last quilt she ever did was for my oldest son. The stitching looks terrible, there are loops everywhere and places where she skipped. At the time she finished it, she was mid eighties and completely blind. She was determined to finish the quilt for her "little cotton top". So, even though it looks terrible and ugly, we cherish it like it is gold.
The ladies where so nice and corrected me that there is no such thing as an ugly quilt. The beauty is because they are all made with love. Love of quilting, love of fabric or love for the person receiving. In quilting, there are no rule and in most cases no right or wrong.
I left this conversation with a new feeling of how right they were. Went and bought my own sewing machine and started carrying on the tradition of my gret-grandmother.

BTW, I do have a personal saying that is someone doesn't like my quilt, let them go make one and see how they do. :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Quilting room is a wreck!

I have been so busy this week with my two t-shirt quilts, work and normal house/wife/mom stuff that I walked into my sewing room to see this...

The black fabric needs to be iron for my backing. The t-shirt quilt needs one more border and then quilted. Then I have to start on the next one that is due by next Saturday. :)

With that being said, I took off work today to take my granddaughter, Gracie to the zoo! HeHeHe. Love my life!