Quilting Service

Preparing Your Quilt Top
·         Do NOT pin or baste the quilt layers together
·         Press seams so they lie flat being careful not to stretch fabric while pressing
·         Remove ALL loose threads and pins and do not add embellishments until quilting is finished
·         Check ALL seams to make sure they are secure (you can stay stitch around the entire perimeter of your top as long as you stay within ¼” of the edge)
·         Square-up and trim the quilt top to its finished size.  If we do not start with a square top, we will not finish with a square quilt.
·         Place a safety pin at the top of the quilt (this helps when using a directional pantograph)
·         Press quilt top and fold neatly to avoid wrinkles or additional charges
Backing (I can purchase backing for you or you can provide your own)
·         It must be 100% cotton unless we have previously discussed something else
·         Remove selvage
·         If piecing the backing, press ALL seams open rather than to one side.  This will allow the backing to lay flat.
·         BACKING MUST BE AT LEAST 8” LONGER AND WIDER THAN THE QUILT TOP (EX:  If quilt top is 40” x 60”, backing will need to be 48” x 68”
·         After machine quilting is complete, your quilt will be trimmed to remove excess back fabric and batting.  At your request this excess back fabric and batting will be returned to you.
·         If you send batting, check the package to make sure it is suitable for machine quilting.  I do not stock a large batting inventory but would be glad to use my favorite, Warm N Natural, at cost.
I accept personal checks, money orders, cash and Paypal.  A $50 deposit maybe required, especially if special fabric & thread have to be purchased before any work is started on your quilt top.  The balance is due when the quilt is completed and prior to delivery of the quilt back to you.  It is recommended the when shipping quilt tops to enclose it inside a plastic bag.
Do not ship a quilt tops without notifying me by phone or email so that I can be expecting it.
·         Although we take as much care possible to work out any and all puckers that may be in the pieced top, sometimes a few will remain.  Especially in t-shirt type quilting.
·        Quilting is done manually; we do not use a computerized system.  With that being said, you have the advantage of one of a kind quilting.  There are rare times when machines of any kinds malfunction and can cause problems with the quilting or can damage the top.  We will do everything we can to prevent this but we cannot be held responsible if something does occur.
Longarm Quilting Pricing - $50 Minimum (See next tab for T-Shirt Quilts)
Basting – great for holding your quilt layers together for hand quilting
$.005 per square inch (psi)
Edge to Edge or all over design:
Meandering (Large) –
Pantographs or Meandering (Medium) –

Starting at $.02 psi for large meander
Starting at $.025 psi – may vary with density of quilting desired
Custom Quilting – includes ruler work, feathers, custom borders, block to block designs or Meandering (Small)
Starting at $.035 psi – may vary with density and complexity of quilting desired

Special Services

Expedite Fee
Batting & Backing
Current retail or purchased price (approx. $40 - $80 depending on size)
No additional charge - unless special ordered items are requested
Non longarm service/sewing charge
$15 per hour - 1 hr minimum charge  (This includes preparing your backing)
Binding – Machine Stitched
$.035 per linear inch per side

Summing It Up
_______________ x _______________ + _______________ = _______________
Square Inches         x         Price                  +   Special Service     =     Estimated Cost
Example of a full size quilt (81" x 88" - including a 5" border all around) 7,128 Square Inches (5,538 w/o borders) (1,590 of borders)
Full Meandering: $142.56
Partial Custom: (Adds a little special touch to accent all the hardwork you have put into your beautiful quilt top.  Makes the finished quilt more custom so it doesnt appear to have come off a shelf.)
5,538 (center w/o borders) x .02 = $110.76 +1590 (custom borders) x .035 =$55.65 = Total: $166.41

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