Thursday, January 30, 2014

Women of the Bible - Week 2

Now this week was about Sarah and boy was it a slap in the face for me.
Sarah and Abraham wanted a child desperately.  To the point that Sarah offer Hagar, her maid, as a wife to Abraham so that Hagar could bare their child.  Theban that Sarah had on her own really caused a lot of problem and heartache between her and Hagar.  The women grow to despise one another.  All along, God had a plan for Abraham and Sarah that they weren't aware of.
God has a plan for us also that sometimes we aren't aware of or we just don't wait for Gods plan to work.  Sarah was in her 90's when God told them that they would rule a nation and have a son.  Sarah just laughed because of their age but she did indeed give birth to a son.
How many times in our life do we know that God is there with us and saying, JUST SLOW DOWN, IT ISN'T TIME YET?  How many times to we just keep going, full speed ahead and create heartache and problems for ourselves?  I know I do that all the time.  
I pray Lord to seek Your wisdom and guidance in my personal life and in my business life.  Lord please help me to be aware of Your voice and help me to slow down and wait on Your plan.  I do not want to take a single step without Your approval Lord.  Please help me to be aware of Your presence and know which step leads me closer to You.  Amen!

The block I made is just beautiful.
Sticking with the colors of the original pattern however, I included a special hand dyed fabric to respresent sent the struggles of dicisions that we make and to represent the turmoil of the troubles that we create when not on God's path.  I wanted to solid to be he exact opposite.  To represent the calmness when we wait on God's timing and are right were He wants us to be.

This is a picture of my lovely sewing area when making this one, six inch block.  Let me warn you, I am not a frugile quilter and have NO PROBLEM wasting a little fabric in the sake of time.

Yep, that little pile of scraps came from this one little paper pieced block.  Notice that some of that is paper.  When paper piecing, there is one thing that is new to my quilting area and that is tape.  We know that sometimes we have to remove stitches when piecing.  When paper piecing, we use really tiny stitches to allow for removal of the paper easier.  You can put a small piece of tape over the stitches to be removed, on the paper side.  This will secure your paper from being torn apart and allow you to remove stitches as usual.

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Happy quilting!

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  1. I would love to be part of this group, I know I am very late in the game but really want to make this quilt!