Saturday, January 25, 2014

Women of the Bible Quilt Block & Lesson - Week #1

I have followed a wonderful group for over a year now and am finally able to participate.  This is a weekly Bible study of the women of the Bible.  Week one was of course Eve.
After studying about Eve this week, I realized a couple different things.  God puts temptation in our paths and if our heart is right, I feel we will make the right choice.  HOWEVER, if we make the wrong choice, God is still there beside us and will never give up on us.
One thing that I did question was about forgiveness.  Even though God punished Adam and Eve, he forgave them from that sin.  My question that I ponder is was Eve able to forgive herself.  I know when I do things to others, sometimes even though they have forgiven me, it is really hard to forgive myself.  I wonder if Eve was able to let go or did she hold onto that decision everyday of her life.
The green colors are for new growth in the Garden of Eden and the yellow is for the bright sunshine.  The cross may represent the forgives from God while the diamonds represent windows into our hearts.

I pray that God will help me to make better choices and make the choice that leads me closer to Him.  I pray that God help me to find peace and forgiveness within myself for my past sins. 

If you would like to study along with us, please go to Women of the Bible.  This is a free group except you will want to buy the study guide and if a quilter, but the pattern.

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