Saturday, January 4, 2014

Final Reveal of the Celtic Solstice Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

So Bonnie send out the final clue and reveal on New Years Day!

I have decided to keep myself in a little more suspense and not lay out my blocks until after it is complete.

So here is block one:

And here is block two:

I am a little nervous about my color choices and that's why I am waiting for the top to be assembled before I look.  :). Silly as it may be... That's what I'm doing.

.....time lapse.....
While piecing my blocks together, I got to the bottom and realized I was missing TWO COMPLETE BLOCKS.  Now how could that be.  Even though I was trying to wait, I had to lay it out and figure out what was happening.  My husband has a funny way of hiding puzzle pieces but surely he wouldn't hide my blocks.  ;)

Oh my goodness. I was so nervous about the colors and look at it.  I love it, except for those two missing blocks.  Walked back into my quilting room and like magic, they were laying beside my cutting table.  One the very first row, I had added eight instead of seven, removed them and sat them aside, forgot about them until full panic.  :). 

Here it is spread on the quilting frame.  Can't wait for the finish because this is my keeper.

To see more finishes, check out Bonnie Hunters Link Up page at

Most of these pieces were cut using the AccuQuilt GO!.  You just can't go wrong.  If you are interested in your own GO! Fabric Cutter or ready to add new dies, check out our website at


  1. No need to be nervous. It looks fabulous!

  2. Beautiful! I love it, and your color choices!!!

  3. How wonderful your colours look and how brave to strike out on your own, I'm so chicken I always toe the line and do what Bonnie says.

  4. Wow that red is so bold, it really make the quilt - great choice.

  5. LOVE those fabrics!! can't wait to see it done

  6. Your blocks look beautiful! I like your color choices.

  7. Definitely a Keeper!! Nice to see how using different colors in this quilt turn out - beautiful!

  8. Your color choices really turned out fabulous. Enjoy it as I know you will.