Thursday, January 9, 2014

Treadle Challenged

Wanted to hare a small bit of humor this evening.

I have my great grandmothers Singer threadle machine.  I have wanted to get it out and use it but have just been to busy.  Well this evening I did just that. Set the machine up, have her a good oil treatment (still needs more detailed treatment) and gave her a try.  NOPE, I am treadle challenged.  It appears I can only see backwards. 
I tried with thread first and then removed the thread and just ran fabric through.  I have never been the most graceful or coordinated person but sewing machines are my friends.  Guess I will put her back away for just a bit.... But I will try again soon and I will figure this out.

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful! Wish I still had the one I learned on years ago, and I remember the feeling when it all came together and I was sewing...lots like the feeling of when I learned to ride a bike, and almost at the same age (8yrs). All of a sudden it just 'clicks' and then you'll be sewing with your feet peddling away. Keep after it, know you will get it!