Sunday, December 29, 2013

Webbing your quilt top - chain piecing to the next level.

I always recommend to chain piece whenever possible.  It makes things go by so much faster because you aren't cutting threads all the time, stopping and starting and you don't have to worry about that nasty wad of thread when you go from piece to piece.

Well, this week I read a blog post about Bonnie Hunter webbing her quilt tops together.  I had to give it a try.

You can't really see it that we'll in the photo but look at the bottom.  You can see that my quilt top is "together" even though it hasn't been stitched yet.  Let's see if I can describe this in text.
Rows are all laid out...

Piece block 1 & block 2 of row one... Chain piece block 1 & block 2 of row two... All the way to the end of your rows.

Now back to the top we go.  Piece block 3 to block 2 of row 1... Chain piece block 3 to row two.... All the way down.

What you end up with is your quilt top stitched together.  When you have everything chained or webbed together it made it easy to go back and stitch the row together without having to reorganize or keep track of rows.  Lay them out once and your good.  Now it did seem to add a little extra weight while stitching the blocks and rows together but again, it seemed to save a lot of time and in my world, I need more time.  :)

In case your wondering, this is a sample quilt for a class being planned in February using the new AccuQuilt Snowball Die.  More details coming soon.  If you want to go ahead and purchase your die, please go to Stitches N Stories.

Now let's GO! quilting!

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