Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday lunch, where's the pans?

So our kids and granddaughter come overe very Sunday for lunch.  Today my sweet daughter ask where my baking sheets where.  I smiled and said I didn't have any in the kitchen.  That of course caught her attention and she ask where they were if not in the kitchen...

Well, where else but in the quilting room...
Isn't that where every quilter keeps their pans.

BTW, those pieces are the first two weeks of Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt.  Still have some more piecing to do on this weeks clue but so excited that I am on schedule... (Had to take the weekend off from customer quilting to be on schedule but that can be our little secret).

You can check out all the other quilters progress for the mystery quilt at

Using the AccuQuilt GO! has made this part so easy.  I just love having the cutting system and am so thankful that I have it.  The dies are way more than appliqué, which is what I first thought.  I use them in every quilt that I make.  Check out all the dies at


  1. Your colors are great. Wish I had thought of them. Your quilt will look very dramatic and modern, I bet. Lucky you to have a die cutter. That would make this quilt easier to get perfect piecing, not to mention faster to cut out all those 600 pieces in step 2!
    Are we having fun yet?

    1. Thanks! I'm worried about the colors and the finish quilt being so busy. I wanted to use fabric I had on hand and that was what I had enough of. :). I don't keep a large stash of scraps.

  2. Wow! I like what you have chosen. Your fabric choices are something I never thought about. Yes, they do look so modern and full of energy. Can't wait to see what you do on the next clue.