Friday, December 6, 2013

Chain Ironing, Oh How Love Thee!

I know you've probably heard of chain piecing.  You know, where you are sewing your pieces together without cutting threads in between.  When your done, you have a chain of your pieces.  Saves so much time!

We'll let me share with you the beauty of chain ironing. (Please ignore the ugly ironing board.)

You lay that same chain on your ironing surface and iron the seams back, in most cases toward the dark side.

This method just allows you to easily and quickly align your pieces and press them open.

I usually cut the threads at this point while on my board but you could iron the entire change and then cut the threads afterwards.

Hope this helps in some way!  By the way, these pieces are for Bonnie Hunters new mystery quilt and I used the AccuQuilt GO! 3" triangle in a square die. You can find it and all others at our website

Now, let's GO! quilting!

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