Monday, August 5, 2013

What A Great Surprise!!!

When I receive a quilt top from a customer, especially a really old top that great-grandmother made, I normally do a really good inspection to make sure all seams are in tact and everything is good for quilting.  Well, on this top I must not have done a good job of that.  :)

While quilting along, I got to the last pass on the quilt and there was this sweet little note attached.  She tells who pieces the top and whose dress scraps the top was made from.
The top now belongs to a family who was lucky enough to find a whole trunk full of great grandmothers quilt tops.  We have been quilting them one at a time and I promise, each quilt has told it's own story.
Judging from the tops I've quilted so far for them, I would say that Mrs Rosie Poss truly loved her family and cherished in their memories as she made these tops.
I just decided to do a simple meandering on this one.  Thought the curves would be a nice contrast to all the straight lines. Plus the strings were attached to another piece of fabric so I was quilting through a two layer top all the way.

The stories behind the quilts are what I love about my career.  We are all so blessed!


  1. A trunk full of great grandmother's quilt tops?? What a treasure! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them, really like the meander you are doing on the strings, too.