Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tumbler Memory Quilt

One of my passions is making memory quilts either from T-shirts or just old clothing.  It is a great way to help preserve and cherish someone we love.  Well this one is very special to me because it is of my father-in-laws clothing.  He was a retired sheriff's deputy and a Mr Tough Guy (really a big teddy bear).  :)
When decided on a design, I didn't want anything girly because of who he was and because of the fabric colors.  With that being said, I chose a Tumbler Block Quilt.
You know me, I'm all about using my AccuQuilt GO! So I used the GO! Tumbler- 6-1/2" (55020).  BTW, it's on sale at for 25% off.  

So here's a sneak peek.  It has the shirt that he and my mother-in-law got married in, his Hawaaii shirt from their vacation and even his deputy pants.

It was so easy to cut out all the tumblers and they are going together perfectly.  Can't wait to get it finished for my sweet mother in laws birthday.

So, let's GO! Quilting!!!!

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