Saturday, August 10, 2013

Practicing What You've Learned

As a quilter, we read magazines and books, purchase ever gadget that someone says they found helpful and watch ever video we can find.  Why do we do those things if we are not going to use what we've learned.

Recently someone posted a great YouTube video about making diamond borders.  You can find it at, by Judith Madaen of Green Fairy Quilting.  So I decided to give some new techniques a try on my AccuQuilt! GO! SunBonnet Sue Quilt.

First of all, I would strongly suggest following her directions and marking your top first (which I did not).  :)

As an after thought, I did decide to mark the center diamonds.  I pray this Crayola Washable Marker is indeed washable.
Not to bad for a first shot.  Lets see what it looks like after I finished.  I love comparing first blocks of new designs to last.
So here we are at the end...

The next new technique comes from an APQS video.  I absolutely love this pattern and do believe it is now my new favorite.

It is very easy and fast to do and I love the look of the echo hearts.  No reason you couldn't do this with other shapes as well.

I also found a spot to use my new Quilter's Groove Proline Ruler (which is currently on sale at my website

Ad the moment of truth...  It's bound and all washed up!

All the marker is gone, thank you Lord!  I think the quilting turned out beautiful.

So I encourage you to not just watch and read but put it in place.  You may be surprised at what you can do.

Let's GO! Quilting!

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  1. Yay! For the marker coming out, you brave woman...I had wondered if what I'd read was true, thanks for confirming it. Your quilting is beautiful! Am curious, what foot are you using on your Voyager with the rulers?