Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Latest experience...

Well, another newbie mistake!
I was swiping a thread out of the way and did you know that the needle will go all the way through your finger. :). Yes I am ok (and so is the quilt). Net time I see a stray thread it will just have to get picked out afterward.

The block quilt is for my nieces baby girl. I saw one online "somewhere" and I attempted to recreate it. I used two types of batting to make the non quilted spots really stand up.

The elephant is a quilt done by a lady I quilt with. I outlined the elephants, stipples in the open squares and stitch in the ditch around the star and main squares.

I think I might be getting better with SID, but I think freehand is my favorite.


  1. Oh No - poor finger! Glad to hear your finger and the quilt survived ;-). I did this once, actually I 'quilted' right through my finger and the needle broke off in my finger and I had to pull it out - this was not my idea of a good time...

    Your quilting is really looking good - love the 'Somewhere' quilt, so cute, and so is the quilting. Your SID is looking great!

    Happy Quilting,

    1. Thanks Deb. I am enjoying looking at everyone else's quilts also. Love your Betty Boop setup. :)
      I still have a lot to learn and I am learning most of it from people just like you, so thank you for your blog and encouragement.
      I have two tshirt quilts to get done by next weekend, so I have a lot of work to do. I wish I could quilt full time, but I work during the day.

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog which I got off of the yahoo home quilting group. I have a blog I use mostly for personal use to share with my friends and family my quilting experiences. Hope you will also follow mine.