Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Stitch In The Ditch

My first attempt at SITD was, well... Ok!
I could seem to stay exactly in the ditch and couldn't ever figure out exactly why. It didn't turn out terrible but I can say I'm happy with it either.
One thing I think is my fat foot for my Voyager. It seems to drag on the seems of the quilt top and the needle doesn't seem to be in the center. With the needle not be I'm the center, it makes it hard to line the ruler up with the seem each time.
Going to try again so though. No way am I giving up. :)


  1. You are doing a fantastic job! I am so envious! I found you through the yahoo group. I have a 9" megaquilter. I dream of having a 17 or 18" machine someday but on a fixed income I am really just thrilled to have what I do! I have only been sewing for about 10 months now so I have come a long way. I had been working at fmq off the frame with my Singer and honestly I struggled so hard. I mean it said practice practice practice..and I did. But I just never really saw much of an improvement in my stitch quality. However, since getting my viking it has improved SO MUCH! I can quilt off the frame so well! I am still learning on the frame and feeling still a bit apprehensive about it since I know how temperamental this machine can be on a frame. I am right now just getting a good feel for the ol' girl and learning how she sounds. The quality of stitching I get is so well worth the purchase. Since I like to do home dec sewing too it really has been wonderful. The speed of stitching is awesome. Hopefully some day I will be able to buy a mid-arm like yours! By then I hope to have improved enough where I can offer service like you do and supplement my disability income a bit. That is my hope anyway. Till then I will just have to live vicariously through folks like you that have obtained what I dream of having someday. You are doing so great. Give yourself a giant pat on the back! You deserve it!

  2. You are too sweet. I'm am just learning myself. I have been quilting for a few years on my domestic machine and even though it was good, I had dreamed of having a frame/machine combo. I was really bless with finding one locally from a lady that was downsizing her home and didn't have room for it in her new place.
    My dream for years has been to open a quilting shop, but in this economy, I need my job and can't take the risk. :)
    From what I've heard, the 9" machines are great. I know that you are going to be creating beautiful pieces with it and it sounds like you are loving your new machine. Don't be afraid. Just jump in and make sure you have a good stitch ripper along the way. Goodness knows, I've made good use of mine. You should start a blog so that you can keep track of your progress. I hope to one day look back at this blog and say "WOW, look where I started." :)