Sunday, September 20, 2015

Quilting in progress.... The good, the bad and the beautiful!

Well I have had a personal project on the frame while I worked on some piecing for two customers.  I was able to do some custom work that most of us are not willing to pay for.  (Honestly, don't know that I would pay the $600+ for the quilting this one would have cost).
Anyway, quilt is about 110" so it is to wide for my setup since I added QBot.  That just means that not only will the quilt have to be turned, it will have to be shifted left and right as well.
This is the back side.  Oh my goodness, look at that texture.  :)
Now the front....
I would say those pictures fall in the "good category".

Now for the bad.... As sooner that quilts for the public, one of my biggest challenges is wonky borders.  I have to say so far, I have not had anything that I couldn't work through and usually my own borders are pretty good.  UNTIL THIS ONE.  This quilt was assembled at different hotels using the desk as my table.  I DID NOT measure my borders prior to sewing and the quilt top was hanging off the table in the floor causing drag when adding the borders.  All of this is a recipe for a wonky border.  And....
Can you say hello because this border is so waving it has to be waving at you.
Now how to we quilt that out?
Terrible.  :) so now I get to decide, do I leave it and let this be our new "whatever" quilt OR do I do what I should have done to star right with and fix the borders. (Which at this point would me I have to reverse quilt them before removing them).

I think I will just take it off the frame and leave it for a little bit and see just how much it bothers me.
Lesson learnt and I would have never attempted these borders had this been a customer quilt but it is good to tackle these challenges so I can better serve my customers.
Let's GO! quilting

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  1. Oh the top is just gorgeous! Hmm, could you cut off the border and maybe leave 1 or 2" and be done with it? how frustrating.