Monday, June 1, 2015

Quilting In Progress...

So I took a minute to "play" with some designs on a quilt top I pieced when I first started.  Oh those unfinished quilt tops we all have. :)
Firs of all, does this look like a problem?
Yep, I only had this one spool that I bought for this quilt and ran out.  No biggie, I just used a solid black since I only had a few inches.  No one will notice since the front and the back are both busy.
This is a design concept that I got from a picture posted by my friends Dek'kt Out Quilting (they also long arm for the public).  
It is a great way to add some customized quilting with a pantograph inside.  With a little more practice I think I will really like this.
Let's GO! quilting!

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