Friday, January 16, 2015

DWR Journey

A potential customer ask for pictures of previous Double Wedding Ring Quilts that I had quilted.  the easiest way to get them to her was through a blog post.  So for that, hope you all find some enjoyment and encouragement from them.

This below is the very first one I ever did and it was my personal quilt.  I was determined to quilt feathers on it, even though I had never even practiced feathers before.  :)  56 Blocks

 After I finished mine, a customer/friend ask me to quilt feathers on hers also.  56 more Blocks.

 Now this is a truly amazing picture for me.  On the left is block #1 and on the right is block #112.  Huge difference in my feathers.  Came a long way in just these two quilts.

This is a very old quilt that a customer found of her grandmothers.  We did an all over design on this one.

This one we did a stencil design in each of the centers and the background of the melons, with stitch in the ditch around the melons themselves.

This one is a crosshatch design...

This is the most recent one for a customer.  It has swirls in all the background areas.

 Jill, I hope this gives you so information and helps you out.  Please look through the other blog post to see the true quality of my work.  And if you like feathers, I feel I can do you proud.  I've came a long way since these pictures were taken.  :)

Happy quilting.

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  1. very inspirational! LOVE all the versions, love the feathers the best and how you did NOT do anything to the blocks, never thought of that! clever!! I want to PIN them all- do you have pinterest? or pin it buttons?