Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge – January

I am participating in another quilting challenge and this one stretches my creativity.  Instead of them saying do this step 1, 2 and 3, she tells us a motif to use and we have to take it from there.  We are also making pillows from this so there isn't a lot of piecing to do since it is solid pieces of fabric. :)

January's Challenge is to use a heart motif.
My steps:
Choice which of the three options offered that I want to use as a starting point.
I chose option 3.

I draw out a design in my sketch book.  Wish I would have used my tracing paper for layers but didn't.
Next step is to pick out my fabric.  I decided to use a solid on one side and a swirl on the other.  Living on the side of safety, if it looks great I can use the solid for the top.  If it looks terrible, I can use the swirl for the top.  :)
Next I sketch some guidelines (using Crayola Washable Markers since this is a personal project).  These lines are strictly for guiding me.  I will not be trying to quilt right on top of them.
See the big X?  That's were I drew my original line but decided the tail needed to be longer.

Then it is just quilting away, only referringn to my drawing as needed to  remind me where I'm trying to end up.

Now all finished!
And look at the solid side.
Oh my goodness... I am so proud of this accomplishment.  It is not perfect and is not award winning but I am still proud.  :)

With that being said, solid side up it is.

No matter what we do in life, if we want to grow we have to spend time on it and with it.

Here are two other sketches that I didn't stitch.

It amazes me that a simple shape can be stitched so many different ways and have such a different appearance in the end.

If you want to join in on the challenge, you can find more information here and see the projects of other quilters.

Now let's GO! quilting!


  1. Wonderful the pebbles around the design.

  2. Your quilting and pillow turned out awesome!!! So beautiful :^)

  3. lovely.... lots of quilting in those pebbles... how lovely to have a machine like that to play with too...

  4. Fantastic!!!! you really did dense quilting with those pebbles...good for you

  5. Thats gorgeous - I love how you worked on this

  6. Wow! It is gorgeous! Thanks for showing your sketches too. ~Jeanne

  7. Your pillow is beautiful! Your sketches also look interesting. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

  8. What a nice tutorial and beautiful pillow.

  9. Very nice pillow! Your feathers are lovely!