Sunday, November 30, 2014

Managing and juggling my schedule but still finding some me time...

I know my personality and know what is important to keep me energized and productive.  I know that with customer deadlines, it is still important to find some time for my personal projects so that I don't loose site of the love I have for quilting and just turn business.  Without the love and passion I would not be doing my customers justice.

So how do I juggle it all and make it all work.  First I have a dry erase board (which I have shared before) to help keep things in focus.  Then I keep things moving in a million directions to keep it exciting.  And I'm being real here, not sarcastic.  :)

Right now I have a hand sewn binding going on in the living room that I am working on during my breaks...  (I finished quilting this the other day.  The texture of the swirls are just gorgeous and will only improve after a wash.)
Then I have a tshirt quilt laid out that I plan to get the stabilizer ironed on and the top sewn together.  It is also in the living room floor.  But granddaughters are coming soon so if that's not a deadline to get moving I don't know what is.  :)
Then there is my Talkin' Turkey from a Bonnie Hunter class I took back in the summer.  Tons of pieces and I keep it close by so that I can do a few here, there and anytime.  This is a personal project.
Then there is the new Red & White challenge from Evening Star Quilt Guild.  Red & white quilts are very popular right now and very beautiful.  I have 8 of my 20 blocks completed so far.
This is a block exchange that isn't due until February.  Again, I know me and know that I can't wait until the last minute so I have to manage that in with everything else.  So, as my admission fee to my quilt room, I have to make one block (only on weekends, remember I work a full time job also, week days are mainly devoted to customer quilts).

Oh and I almost forgot the new Bonnie Hunter  Mystery Quilt....  Clue one was released and in order to keep up and FINISHED on time, I start as soon as I can after release and make sure I finish before the next clue comes out. (Really try to finish same day).  While I was working on these, all I could think of is what a great "Sweet 16" quilt this would make for my granddaughter.  She is only 5 so better come up with something else to do with it.  :)
Things that makes most of this easier for my is having my dry erase board for project listed AND having my AccuQuilt GO! Cutter.  If I had to spend hours cutting out shapes, I would have hours less to do the fun stuff.

I still have several customer quilts due before Christmas but I know that these personal project keep my passion alive.  It is so important not to let that die and just become boring.  :)

If you want your own AccuQuilt system, I am happy to help customize a die bundle just for you.  Just give me a call or send me an email.

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  1. blocks look great- it just HIT me that you were my GO! lady. duh, must not have had my coffee this morning....