Saturday, February 8, 2014

Women of the Bible - Week 3, Hagar

This weeks study was about Hagar.  She was the maid servant to Sarah that gave birth to Abraham's baby.
My first thought is how Hagar most have felt when Sarah GAVE her to Abraham.  Notice I used the word GAVE.  This was a common practice in those days but Hagar didn't really have a choice.  Would that have been an honor or would it have been like rape.  Hagar must have been Sarah's favorite maidservant to have been chosen but right after she became pregnant, Sarah was jealous and started being very mean and ugly to Hagar.
So not only was Hagar made to give birth to a child she didn't ask for, now she had lost her best friend.  This situation got to the point of being unbearable and Abraham ask Sarah and the child to leave.  Now she is homeless with nothing but a child she can't take care of.  She was about to leave her son for someone else to find.
That is where the blessing of God stepped in.  God told her that he was with her and he would take care of her.  God was there with her in the middle of her mess.  Not only did God take care of her, He BLESSED her and her son.
In our day, when we are troubled, GOD is still there in our mess with us.  If we can just trust like Hagar did, He will open our eyes to help us see the answer to our prayers.  God never leaves us and never forsakes us.  Thank you Lord.

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