Sunday, February 9, 2014

Not a fan of restoring old quilts but this one is for a special customer...

Typically when approached about restoring an old quilt, I quickly tuck my tail and run the other way.  Part of that fear is afraid that I'm not good enough to do what our ancestors did.  :)
When this customer ask me to put binding on an old quilt (possibly 100 years old) I had to really think about it.
This picture is of a relatively good part of the quilt.  After seriously considering it and talking with a few friends, I decided to take the job.  She isn't asking me to restore the blocks, just add a new binding to the edge.
Notice the binding is completely worn through in some areas.  The customer just wants to be able to use her beloved quilt again, not looking or perfection.

So right or wrong, the first thing I did was cut the original binding off which also allowed me to straighten up the edges to receive the new (prewashed fabric) binding.

Another hesitation was I have very little desire to do hand work.  This customer was great with the binding being machine stitches so to the lovely featherweight machine we go...

She is sewing all those layers like butter.  :). Love a good Singer!

And now all finished up....
With all the layers, the binding is a little uneven but I know my customer will cherish the fact that she can now use her beloved quilt again.  This is what I love about what I do!

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  1. It makes it possible for her to have it a little longer, and that is a good thing. You did a great job. I love the old Singers - 99, FW, 201, 301 - just can't beat those machines for endurance and quality stitching.