Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cutting A Quilt In Less Than 30 Minutes

I know that everyone has probably heard of the GO!, maybe not tried it but heard of it.  We'll I just have to say that it is one of,the most amazing tools that I have and I can't imagine doing business, or quilting, without it.
I have been working on a customer quilt that required some base blocks for appliqué and lots of sashing.  These are her daughters dance costumes from when she was a little girl.
So I pull out my GO! and my 8-1/2" square dies and in less than 5 minutes I have all 30 base blocks cut.  I had to manually cut the hearts because I didn't have a die big enough but that's ok.

Next I pull out my 2-1/2" strip die to work on the sashing... Just like magic, again, in less than 5 minutes I had several 2-1/2" strips cut.
Now I could have stopped there but where's the fun in that.  My blocks are 8-1/2", so my sashing needs to be the same, right?  So back out comes my square die, I lay the strips across it...
Yep, you guessed it, I was then able to quickly cut all my sashing.
Used my strip die for binding and my 2-1/2" square die for the corners stones.  The entire quilt was cut out in less than 30 minutes (except the hearts).  The more I use my GO!, the more I love it and find other ways to use it.

These are on sale at my website for $229... Includes and amazing die & mat so you can get started right out of the box.

Now, let's GO! quilting!

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