Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quilting Small Group At Church

When I first got my longarm quilting machine, I was looking for quilts to practice on. Many people recommended quilting for charity groups and I find Quilts Beyond Borders. When working on my first two quilts for them all I could think about was our previous youth pastor and family that are doing mission work in Guatemala. I kept asking myself why we would make quilts for them. Well, God has provided a way and it is happening.
When we started a new series of small groups at our church, I had suggested doing a piecing/quilting group. We have been meeting now for nearly two months and these ladies have been such a blessing to my life.
Our goal is to piece at least one to each week. We use the same design for a couple of weeks, then have a graduation week where everyone makes their own quilt top that they can either donate or keep themselves.
We have made so many that I think I have lost count. :). Somewhere around 15 so far.
It still amazes me what can be done when we stop fighting God and follow His path.


  1. A lovely group of ladies doing lovely work! Always - where there's a will, there's a way.....

  2. Thanks Katie. It is so much fun and they are a great group of ladies. It just war,s my heart. :)