Monday, October 29, 2012

Custom Ruler Work

I have been wanting to try some serious ruler work for some time now but didn't have just the right project. A friend brought a quilt top over that she made just because. She is always great to let me practice.
I was so excited when I was quilting this. Talk about a confidence booster.
With that being said, I guess my lesson learnt would be that I should have tried it sooner. Even if it was just on a four patch or something. :). I always say, it's just thread, we can remove it.


  1. Very nice! Sometimes we just need to jump in and try something. I know I often tend to 'over think' and revert back to simplicity.....and that just stifles my growth forward.....

    1. I know... I was stuck at stippling and over the last couple of months just decided that if that was all I was going to do, I could have done that on my domestic machine. So I started making myself do the pantographs and the ruler work. I have to say the ruler work was awesome because it was all me. The pantographs were nice and make a nice finished product, but were kind of boring at times. Especially because I was trying to do the same design on two or three quilt tops before moving onto something else. :)