Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I made a dress!!!! Can't believe it!

Well, if you knew of my previous experience in sewing clothes, you would totally understand why this is such a great accomplishment! I'll give you a few examples.
-I volunteered to make choir robes for my aunts children's church. The firs one has the left arm where it was suppose to be, however, the right arm was coming out the back.
-I tried to make me a dress. The sleeve was so small that I couldn't even get my hand in it.
:). Yep! I'm serious!

Anyway, this little pillowcase dress is for my little granddaughter, Gracie. I think it is adorable and can't wait to see her wearing it with her little boots. I'll post a picture when she does.

I think I may make her a few more of them but then stick to quilting which I love. :)

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