Sunday, February 28, 2016

Quilting In Progress.....

My favorite quilts, as I have said many times, are memory quilts.  So many memories, tears and love go into these.

These two quilts belong to a sweet customer.  She recently lost her husband and wanted to give her boys something to treasure from their father.
You can see the fabrics are primarily the same in both both the are very different.
Because she chose different patterns I felt they deserved different quilting designs.
I am sure both the boys will realize how special these are and will treasure them for years to come.

As these were being quilted, I also worked on getting some Tshirts ready for quilting.  Nothing like a good process and assembly line.
These three are cut and boxed (using very good line clearance so we don't have any mix ups).  These are in the process of being cut.
Once they are all cut out I will start the stabilizing process and layout.  These are all being made based on a new class that I recently watched.  I can't wait to see how they turn out.
Let's GO! quilting!

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