Sunday, July 14, 2013

Custom Quilt Design

So I made this beautiful quilt top using the 12" AccuQuilt Mix N Match dies.  The original purpose for making this is to have a sample display quilt for my booth.
I chose to use the bright colors similar to what AccuQuilt using on their samples in order to draw attention to it.

After the top was finished, then comes how to quilt it.  I have watched some of Lisa Calle's videos on and how she designs custom quilting patterns and so off I went.  This quilt now becomes a dual purpose... AccuQuilt Display and custom quilt sampler.  Now where to start...

Lets take the second block and I'll show you what I did.
Here is the actual block with actual colors.  
I then printed out a copy (or you can print a picture) in black n white so the colors didn't distract me from the design process.  

Using a piece of tracing paper laid on top of the printed design, I was able to do my outline or stitch in the ditch and then fill in each section from there.  Knowing what I know now, I should have done this first page in about four or five pages displaying a different step on each page.
After looking at the above picture, I still had some area that I wanted to add detail to.  So here comes another piece of tracing paper...
The purpose of using multiple pieces of tracing paper is to make changes easily without starting all over.  If I decided the feathers were to much, I would just remove those pages and go back to filling in the blanks on a new page.

So this is where I'm at today.  I will post as I start to actually quilt the blocks and share with you a great new ruler that Lisa designed that I am adding to my store.


  1. Enjoyed your post and the quilt is wonderful.

    1. Thank you Billie! I hope to post more progress pictures next week (recovering from surgery and can't do much right now). I am so excited about this quilt. It will be my first custom quilt and my first "quilt to death" quilt. I think every inch of this has a quilt design in it.