Monday, January 23, 2012

Day of practice...

So today I quilted a small quilt that I am going to hang on my wall. It was a total practice quilt and maybe give me something to compare to in years to come.

On two rows I free handed some really bad flowers... :). Oh well, you've got to start somewhere.

The other two rows I free handed some leaves. Although they are not perfect, they aren't to bad for a beginner. I have been doodling them a lot on paper and on my iPad. Guess doodling truly does help.

Tomorrow is back to my t-shirt quilts for a customer. Don't worry, when I quilt them I will use my signature technic for the moment, meandering. :)

So enjoying this journey!


  1. I love your leaves, and the flowers are not bad either!

  2. Thanks Regina! All my friends keep saying "what pretty hearts.". I never told them they were suppose to be leaves. :).